Want the burden of NPDES permitting uplifted? Act Now!


Sent From Henry B. Lewandowski

American Mosquito Control Association

South Atlantic Regional Director

We are presented with another opportunity to remove the burden of the Clean Water Act/NPDES regulations.

Please read the forwarded correspondence from Angela Beehler who serves as Chair of the AMCA Legislative and Regulatory Committee.

House and Senate conferees are meeting to iron out differences between the House and Senate versions of the Farm Bill, Section 9013.  The House has already passed a version favorable to our mosquito control programs, relieving us of the Clean Water Act/NPDES regulatory burden.  It is imperative that the Senate pass a version with the specific language that made it through the House of Representatives.

I urge you, either individually or through your state associations, to write a letter to your Senators, using the following wording suggested by Angela and our AMCA Legislative Advocate, McDermott, Will and Emory.

 “Section 9013 of the House passed version of the Farm Bill (HR 2642) contains language that is vital not simply to the agricultural community, but also to fulfilling the public health mission of the nation’s mosquito control organizations.  This language ensures that pesticide applications that are conducted in accordance with applicable federal regulations, shall not be subject to additional and unnecessarily burdensome permitting requirements.  In the 112th Congress, the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee passed similar legislation.  We respectfully ask that the Senate conferees accept this House provision and include it in any final conference report.”

 Our success in this endeavor is dependent on your individual action!

Thank you for your cooperation.

Henry B. Lewandowski

American Mosquito Control Association

South Atlantic Regional Director

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