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Code of Ethics of AVMS

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The purpose of the Alabama Vector Management Society is to promote the management of public health pests and arthropod vectors of disease, provide for the educational and scientific advancement of members, encourage scientific research in vector management and public health pests, promote an exchange of information among members, and to extend and develop public awareness and interest in the discipline.

Public health pest and vector management provides services that are extremely important to the health, welfare, and progress of society.  Those employed in the public health pest and vector management profession have the responsibility to render effective and professional service to humanity, in keeping with high standards of ethical conduct.  Therefore, in striving to advance and maintain the honor and dignity of the profession, the Alabama Vector Management Society (AVMS) has established the following code to define the conduct and ethics due the profession. This code is binding on the membership of the AVMS.

Code of Ethics

  • AVMS members will use their knowledge and skill for the betterment of human welfare.
  • Members will, at all times, strive to maintain the public trust, and advance the standards and principles established by the AVMS.
  • Members will cooperate in the exchange of information and technology for the growth and progress of the public health and vector management profession and the AVMS.
  • Members will not cause dishonor to the Society through their actions while representing the AVMS.
  • Members will comply with all laws and regulations that apply to our science and profession.
  • Members will promote solidarity, harmony and support among members and fellow workers.  They will not undermine, vilify, berate or otherwise intentionally injure the work, accomplishments, efforts or professional reputation of another.
  • Members will not conduct or in any way participate in a fallacious review of the work of a fellow worker or other member.

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