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What is a vector? A vector is an organism that transmits a disease-causing pathogen to another organism, either mechanically, or through biting, feeding, or excreting behaviors.

Who are we?  We are the Alabama Vector Management Society (AVMS).  Incorporated in 1990,  we are a state-wide group of vector management and public health professionals striving to better our profession and promote scientific knowledge about public health vectors, public health pests, and nuisance wildlife vectors and their management.   Please note, the AVMS does not keep a directory of mosquito control programs within the state of Alabama.  If you would like to distribute mosquito control products, or even send samples, please make arrangements to attend our Annual Meeting as a vendor.  We also cannot provide our membership list to anyone marketing new products.

Where are we?  Our snail mail address is P.O.Box 3093, Montgomery, AL 36109

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