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Video produced by AMCA reveals emotional and real impacts of mosquito-borne diseases

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Th AMCA has produced a video to put a human face on the mosquito-borne virus statistics that we see every summer.  It is pretty powerful.

The video was produced in an effort to encourage public support of personal protective measures and community mosquito control.  For more information, visit the I’m One Program web site.

“Mask” and “pull” strategies may keep mosquitoes at bay

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Research highlights from the National Institutes of Health:

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A clearer picture emerges in Dallas: mosquito surveillance key in fighting WNV epidemics

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I remember being frustrated when WNV illness was surging in Alabama in 2002-2003.  With such a complex transmission cycle, and so little known about the ecology of the virus in a naive part of the world, it was difficult to figure out how to have a real impact in controlling transmission to people in any given area of the state.  It was even more difficult to communicate a clear strategy to community officials because testing and result turn-around time hampered our knowledge of what was happening.  And if that was difficult, it was close to impossible to clearly communicate to the public the nuanced message about what might be happening and why.  Even though government resources were given to us abundantly, expertise was stretched thin, and by the time a new crop of entomologists trained in mosquito identification emerged, funding … Read More »

ADPH and USDA announce new raccoon rabies cases in previous ORV zones, need help with surveillance

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The Alabama Department of Public Health and the USDA Wildlife Services (WS) program in Alabama have picked up several new raccoon rabies positives to the north and west of the previous Oral Rabies Vaccine (ORV) barrier along the Coosa-Alabama river systems.

Current, real-time testing of road-killed raccoons and strange-acting raccoons by WS has revealed more than 15 positive cases in three distinct locations within previous ORV baited areas.

Some positive cases have been discovered during local population reduction efforts around previously-confirmed positive animals.

Both agencies are asking for help from county environmentalists and others to detect even more cases if they are present.  It is important to diagnose where the western-most positive case may be in order to refine future baiting/vaccinating strategies.  Contingency plans are being made to address these recent “breaches” of the biological, geographical, and historical raccoon rabies-free zone.

If you live … Read More »

Don’t miss a live mosquito prevention webinar this Thursday!

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Tune in to eXtension.org for a mosquito prevention and management webinar that addresses techniques that can be applied around your homes and communities.  The webinar will take place on Thursday, June 13 at 10 a.m. central time.  Visit this link for more information.  Or copy and paste this web address into your browser:


It’s FREE!  See you on the web!

Here’s an easy way to submit cost data to AMCA!

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For those of you compiling cost data regarding the NPDES process, here is a very easy way to submit it to the AMCA.  South Atlantic Regional Director of AMCA Henry Lewandowski is continuing to urge us to all respond.  Click on http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PYKKX5K to input your data.

“Again, your assistance is urgently requested.  The AMCA cannot help without the individual attention of all members/organizations!  Thank you for your cooperation.


 Henry Lewandowski

American Mosquito Control Association

South Atlantic Regional Director

Chatham County Mosquito Control

65 Billy B. Hair Drive

Savannah, GA 31408

912-790-2540 Phone

912-790-2550 Fax

912-429-1680 Cell


Help rescind the NPDES requirements of mosquito-control programs today!

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We have a new legislative update and request from Henry Lawandowski of the AMCA. The AMCA needs to hear from you on how much this permitting burden costs, and how it has caused programs to shrink in control efforts or stop doing control completely!  Please click on the link below and act now!

AMCA Needs Cost Information To Defeat NPDES!



New Lyme-like tick-borne disease discovered

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H5N1 Researchers Announce End of Research Moratorium – ScienceInsider

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H5N1 Researchers Announce End of Research Moratorium – ScienceInsider.

The AMCA to host a WNV surveillance webinar January 31

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The AMCA has announced a WNV surveillance webinar to be conducted by Dr. Roger Nasci, Chief of the Arboviral Diseases Branch, Division of Vector-Borne Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  The live webinar will address the patterns of human WNV cases seen across the U.S. since 1999 and will describe the best ways to predict human disease outbreak (which is inherently difficult).  If you are a public health professional or a mosquito abatement district, you will want to tune in!  AMCA members can log on to the webinar for free.  There is a $100 fee for non-members.  Visit  this link for more information.